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Classic Series - Classic Assorted Lava Mooncakes
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Classic Series - Classic Assorted Lava Mooncakes

4 pieces of Lava Custard Mooncakes and 4 pieces of Lava Sesame Mooncakes – Mini Mooncake (around 45g per one)

A perfect match composed of Lava Sesame Mooncakes and Lava Custard Mooncakes. We carefully select the superior raw materials and control the baking temperature. The sesame flavor is rich and the custard lava filling is silky.

Lava Custard Mooncake: Chef Yip continues the classic masterpiece of mini egg custard mooncake. A selection of French natural butter and top salted egg yolk secret fillings, with the silky Lava Custard effect, it motivates the rich egg custard flavor and salty scent of salted egg yolk from the inside out.

Lava Sesame Mooncake: The granules are filled with high-quality black sesame seeds, blended with high-quality salted egg yolks and secreted into sesame fillings through multiple processes. The sesame flavor is rich and fully combined with the salty egg yolk flavor.

In 2020, our Lava Mooncake won the world’s highest award, the Grand Gold in Monde Selection.