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SGC Cosmotech Co Ltd is a Member of Entrepreneurship Program of HKUST. HKUST has the most advanced skincare research and development technology, and has excellent cell extraction expertise and ranked at world-class level. The University has successfully selected the most effective materials in producing whitening, moisturizing, anti-aging and high-performance raw materials from more than one thousand kinds of plants and natural ingredients. By producing skincare products supported by scientific data, and extracting the essence of raw materials from non-edible parts, not only greatly reducing costs, but also making good use of resources. HKUST also uses natural plant preservatives to make consumers safer by less chemically harmful effects. Further using 3D skin cell technology, which does not require animal testing, and can be done by experiment with cells and synthetic skin cells. It is comparable to internationally renowned brands. GMP (Germaine P.) is a “family series” extended by the Swiss patent cell repair technology SGC (Self Growth Colony).

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GMP Whitening and Hydrating Mask


SGC Cosmotech Illuminating and Hydrating Mask


SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Essence


SGC Cosmotech Illuminating Cream